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“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.” — C.S. Lewis

Have you ever looked around and thought to yourself. There must be something more? Have you ever felt this desire that C.S. Lewis spoke of – a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy?

There is a longing in each one of us, an understanding that we were made for more than this world.

We were created for eternity and to be in perfect relationship with our Heavenly Father. And one day, this will be realized. We will see our God face to face. We will finally be “home,” and He will satisfy our every longing. But in the meantime, we are simply exiles in a world that is not our home. And with this exile comes some tension and a lot of questions.

How do we live as faithful Christians in this world in light of its culture? Do we isolate ourselves and try to recreate heaven on earth? Or do we learn to get comfortable here and take what we can get?

Join us for Sojourn: Flourishing on Earth, Yearning for Heaven which is part one of a series of studies on faithful living. In this study we trace the thread of exiles throughout the Bible, exploring the narratives of those who have gone before us. Together, we will discover how to live faithfully in the here and now while longing for our true heavenly home. Along the way, we’ll explore Scripture with thought-provoking questions and seek opportunities to apply the truths we find to our actual lives. Join us in this pursuit of Faithful Living as exiles!

As a result of going through this Bible study, you will:

  • Gain perspective to see the world through an eternal lens.
  • Understand what it means to live differently as an exile in this world.
  • Find courage to live faithfully here and now.

How It Works

  • Yarrow studies adapt to fit your calendar and your life! Work through the Bible study guide by yourself or with a group of friends. 18 short chapters easily adapt to fit a 4-week or 6-week schedule.
  • Bonus audio and video resources included in every study. Just scan the QR code on the page for encouragement, teaching, and instruction content.
  • We’ll challenge you to apply God’s Word to your life through journaling prompts, scripture meditation exercises, community, and more. Join us as we look to Scripture to better understand your spiritual identity!

Sojourn: Flourishing on Earth, Yearning for Heaven

Sojourn: Flourishing on Earth, Yearning for Heaven

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