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Peace be with you. Jesus spoke these words to His apostles. And he is also speaking them to you. It is no secret that being a human in this life comes with fears and anxieties. But it is also true that there is hope for the peace that we long for. Join us for Part 4 of our Faithful Living study, as we discover all that the Bible has to teach us about living faithfully when fear and anxiety come our way. Together, we will explore the life of Nehemiah, the prayers of David, and the teachings of Paul and Jesus to gain a full picture of where our true peace comes from and how to bring this peace into our actual lives. Join us in this pursuit of Faithful Living in the midst of Fear and Anxiety.

How It Works

Yarrow studies adapt to fit your calendar and your life! Work through the Bible study guide by yourself of with a group of friends. 17 short chapters easily adapt to fit a 4-week or 6-week schedule.

Bonus audio and video resources included in every study. Just scan the QR code on the page for encouragement, teaching, and instruction content.

We’ll challenge you to apply God’s Word to your life through journaling prompts, scripture meditation exercises, community, and more. Join us as we look to Scripture to better understand your spiritual identity!

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible format works for individuals, couples, and groups
  • Thought-provoking questions about the text and life
  • Guided prayers and prayer prompts
  • Bonus audio and video resources
  • Journaling prompts
  • Scripture memory tips
  • Guides for scripture meditation
  • Tips to help build community
  • Instructions for the Inductive Bible Study Method

Anchored: Finding Peace in an Anxious World

Anchored: Finding Peace in an Anxious World

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